Flexible Packing film with high barrier properties is used to pack coconut oil. Proper sealing is done with Automatic Packing Machines to ensure that oil doesn’t leak and lasts longer. This is the least expensive form of packing as the quantity of packing material used is lowest. Cooking Oil consumers are recommended to use Coconut Oil with this form of packing.

Available SKUs – 1 Litre, 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml

Secondary Packing – 10 Litres in a Carton Box

Shelf Life – 9 months

Brand New Tins are used for packing 15 kg net weight of oil. Tin Top Cover made of Corrugated paper is used to protect adjacent tins from damage. Tin is covered with strap for easy handling.

Shelf Life – 12 months

Wide Mouth Jar
Wide Mouth Jars are of green color and opaque. They come with a wide mouth to enable easy dispensing of coconut oil by spoon when oil is solidified at cold temperature.

Available SKUs – 1 Litre and 500 ml

Secondary Packing – 12 litres in a Carton Box

Shelf Life – 12 months

Jerry Can
Jerry Cans are of white color but opaque. They come with a easy to carry handle to carry higher weight of oil. They are bought by families for cooking use. They are pretty strong and the container can be used for several years.

Available SKUs – 1 Litre and 5 kg

Secondary Packing – 1 Litre – 12 cans, 5 kg – 4 cans in a Carton Box

Shelf Life – 15 months

HDPE Bottles
Green HDPE Bottles are of green color and opaque. Bottle neck is covered with a flip top cap for easy dispensing of small quantity of oil. This form of packaging is ideally suited for Hair Oil consumers. This is also the most expensive form of packaging. Higher weight of packing material is used corresponding to the quantity of oil packed.

Available SKUs – 250 ml, 100 ml and 50 ml

Secondary Packing – 48 bottles in a carton box for 250 ml, 6 bottles of 100 ml or 9 bottles of 50 ml in a shrink wrap

Shelf Life – 12 months

PET Bottles
PET Bottles are transparent and Oil packed inside is visible. Bottle neck is sealed with a Wad to ensure the oil is free from air contact, bottle is leak proof and tamper proof and oil is fresh when opened. Bottle is closed with a flip top cap at the top for convenient dispensing of oil. This packing is more expensive than pouch.

Available SKUs – 1 Litre and 500 ml

Secondary Packing – 12 litres in a carton box

Shelf Life – 6 months