We can work as a co packer for your brand where coconut oil manufactured by us will be packed with your brand name. This is a good idea for those who have a good marketing system but don’t have expertise and facility to manufacture yet want to have control of the product marketed by having their own brand name.

Terms and Conditions

  • Art work to be developed and supplied by hiring company
  • Packing Materials to be supplied to us by hiring company or give us the entire cost of packing materials upfront and we will purchase
  • If any special equipment is to be used, they have to be supplied by you
  • Full payment for the order at the time of order before starting work
  • Only Coconut Oil manufactured by us will be packed. We won’t pack oil from outside
  • Cocoguru company’s name and address should be printed in labels under Manufacturers name
  • We will not distribute these products ourselves or through other parties

We have the necessary expertise, infrastructure, team and will to make quality products for you.