Cocoguru reaches its consumers with the following distribution channel

Distribution Chain

Manufacturer – We, Cocoguru Coconut Industries Pvt. Ltd. are the manufacturers and marketers of Pure Coconut Oil. We also own the brand Cocoguru and are responsible for the entire chain. We ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the right form at right price.

Super Stockist – They purchase products from company, transport to their godown, keep stock there and supply to distributors. They take responsibility of supplying to all distributors in a given territory.

Distributor – They buy from super stockist and supply to all wholesalers, retailers and institutions in defined area. They have regular/weekly visits to shops, collect orders, supply items and collect payment from shops.

Retailer – They gets the supplies from Distributor or Wholesaler, displays them in his Shop/Store and makes it available to consumers.

Consumer – He shops for the product and is finally going to use it. He can share his concerns directly with the manufacturer through the Consumer care contact. The manufacturer ultimately looks to satisfy/delight the consumer.

We are always looking for distributors who can introduce Cocoguru Coconut Oil products in your region. But a few areas have already been taken up.

We promise the following to our distributors

  • Good quality products that appeals to consumers
  • Fair Pricing with decent margins to all players in the distribution chain
  • Consistent Supply
  • Marketing support to grow the brand

We expect the following from our distributors

  • Maximum coverage to ensure the demand is fully met
  • Full payment before dispatch of goods from our end
  • Long term commitment towards the brand and your region
  • Experience/Knowledge in FMCG/Grocery items distribution
  • Target quality conscious consumers

Exclusive distribution can be offered only after you have satisfactorily distributed our products for a minimum period.

Download – Distributor Appointment Form & Distributor Terms and Conditions