Price of Cocoguru coconut oil depends on the prevailing commodity prices of coconut oil, milling copra and coconut. Company defines and declares its Price List every Monday for the week. Price List defines MRP and Retailer Prices.

MRP (Maximum Retailer Price) – This is the maximum price at which consumer should get the product. We face a lot of pressure from our retailers and distributors to keep MRPs high. So that they can sell at a high price or sometimes sell at a slight discount to MRP even after keeping a high margin. But we tend to keep MRP low despite the adversities of not getting their co-operation. Cocoguru being a brand looks to satisfy the consumers, intermediates are a means to satisfy our consumers.

Retailer Price – All other local oil mills supply directly to retailers through their own vehicles. So, this retailer price is the point of competition. Being professionally managed, focused and scalable company, we supply through our channels of Super Stockists and Distributors.
Company defines different prices to retailers in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kasaragod against other districts of Karnataka.
Dakshina Kannada – This includes Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod districts. They are characterized by the following

  • Coconut Oil is fast moving
  • Used as edible oil
  • Flexible Pouches and Tins find major demand
  • There are many local oil mills
  • Cost of marketing and distribution is low

Karnataka – It is all other parts of Karnataka where

  • Coconut Oil is used only as hair oil
  • Per capita consumption of coconut oil is low
  • HDPE Bottles and Cans find more demand
  • Cost of marketing and distribution is higher
  1. Company doesn’t follow any particular brand while defining its price
  2. There may be many brands that sell at a lower price and we won’t be able to match them in price
  3. Price of same product may differ to different people based on order quantity, transportation, packing and other services extended by our channel partners
  4. Prices may change every week and we are not liable to supply you at same price as the price in an earlier transaction
  5. Company supplies goods only after receiving 100% payment. Super stockists and distributors may offer credit at their discretion.