<strong>Shiva Shankar Bhat Bonanthaya</strong>
Shiva Shankar Bhat BonanthayaChairman
Visionary, who started Coconut Oil business from scratch under difficult circumstances and built it to what it is today. Has 40+ years of experience in this business. Now motivating and guiding his children to take on the mantle. Lays down principles, gives advice when sought, but otherwise lets his children and professionals to execute day to day operations.

After graduating in B.Sc in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from Kharwar in 1972, he immediately setup a Rice Mill and Oil Mill in Palacode in Tamil Nadu. After establishing and running it profitably for 9 years, he handed it over to his uncle. Then he had a 9 year stint in fabrication service and 7 years in tower construction services in Bangalore. He again switched to oil milling and setup M/s Sri Rama Industries in Puttur in 1988. Now it has completed 28 years and still going strong.

Apart from his successful entrepreneurship and business management, his expertise is in copra procurement and job work service. He has established good relationships and network with suppliers by giving them good value for their produce.

He is married to Gayathri Devi and have 2 sons Keshava Ram and Santhosh. He can be reached on his Yelmudi office at 08251-231136 or mobile at 8861290636.

<strong>Keshava Ram Bonanthaya</strong>
Keshava Ram BonanthayaManaging Director
What his father started from scratch, Keshava Ram with his qualifications and more importantly entrepreneurial zeal is determined to scale it to greater heights. In that bid, he setup a new manufacturing unit at Kallarpe in 2011 and started marketing coconut oil to a more geographically broader market with brand Cocoguru by packing coconut oil in convenient small consumer packs.
Having started with no guarantee of success, he has stabilized the operations of the company to profitability and sustainability. With guidance from his father, support from his brother, wife and 30+ employees he is driving growth and day to day management at Cocoguru.
He graduated with B.E in Computer Science from SJCE, Mysore in 2003. Then worked in embedded software development at Tata Elxsi Ltd., Bangalore for 4 years till 2007. He quit his job to study MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai. After completing it in 2009, he joined the family coconut oil business. Worked on branding and marketing at Sri Rama Industries with his father before setting up a new unit at Kallarpe.
His specialities includes application of technology and modern management principles/practices into business. Normally a methodical man with hard skills and inclination towards Maths and Science, he adopted himself to take risks, deal with people, learn soft skills, sell products all towards a dream of building a big business.
He is married to Ms. Suprabha.
Mobile – 9945820900.
<strong>Santhosha Bonanthaya</strong>
Santhosha BonanthayaDirector
He showed interest in the family business since his childhood days and was naturally tipped to be successor to run the business. And he did not disappoint. He is selfless and hands-on in his work towards the business. He is more oriented towards people, i.e. employees, customers, suppliers than machines, processes and technologies. This way he brings in the much needed balance of thoughts to business.

He has now started a Coconut Dryer unit at Balnad to manufacture Edible Copra from Coconut with a capacity to process 20,000 nuts per day. He also juggles his time on Yelmudi counter to purchase copra/coconuts and sell coconut oil in Puttur town and Parladka factory to do jobwork oil extraction with rotary machines.

He graduated with L.L.B from Vivekananda Law College, Puttur in 2006. Immediately he started working with his father in the coconut oil business. He has vast contacts and good relationships with them in and around Puttur. He actively works towards social developments.

His strengths are his networking skills, ability to connect to people at any level. For his knowledge on local setup, he is often referred to as Local Genius.
He is married to Ms. Kshama and they have 1 daughter Garima. Mobile – 94484 61636.

<strong>Suprabha K Bonanthaya</strong>
Suprabha K BonanthayaBrand Manager
She joined the business after marriage to Keshava Ram in September 2011. Her reason for working at Cocoguru is to ensure its greater success so that she gets enough funds for her passion i.e. shopping and she gets to be with (monitor) her husband for more time. She had no inclination towards business, but towards family. Since family is full-time and overtime into business, she had no option but to work for business. Working for a boss whom she bosses at home gives her the flexibility in work timings and results delivered.

She manages company’s branding function where designs, communications and advertisements are made. From an unknown mass product, Cocoguru is growing to be a well known and premium brand. Her achievements in her previous role of Administration Manager include building an ERP system that gives management realtime view of company’s financial and inventory position. Used Tally ERP for software, Server and Thin Clients networked for hardware. Recruited, trained and developed Accountants and other people in her department to do their job well.

She completed her MCA from NMAMIT, Nitte in 2011 following BCA from Sri Bharathi college, Mangalore in 2008. Immediately she got married and started her work at Cocoguru. With no prior work experience, she is able to think wild and out of the box, which many times have given business benefits. She is inquisitive, a keen observer and learner.
Mobile – 9448509600

<strong>Murali M Bhat</strong>
Murali M BhatProduction Manager
Murali joined Cocoguru in October 2012 as Production Manager to manage Oil Extraction and Packing operations inside the factory.

Many like to join an established company with a routine job profile, but few bear the responsibility to steady a rocking ship. When he joined, the plant had a few costly machines installed that wouldn’t work to its capacity and all of them wouldn’t work together to complete the manufacturing process. If the machines worked, people weren’t willing to work. He reconfigured the machines, got people to work, process to happen, accounting and inventory systems were setup and quality was controlled.
Now he has taken up responsibility towards Copra Purchase as quality of final oil is more dependent on quality of copra as it is of the oil extraction and filtering process.

He did his B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry and Maths from Vivekananda Degree College, Puttur and MBA in Total Quality Management from Sikkim Manipal University through distance education.

Before joining Cocoguru, he worked for 9 years at Jyothi Laboratories Ltd. in Quality Control and Production Planning. He had worked at their various plants at Indore, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir and so on to streamline their operations. This has given him experience of working in manufacturing of various FMCG products handling work force who speak different languages and are of different cultures.

He is married to Ms. Aparna and have 2 daughters.
Mobile – 9945086900

<strong>Shiva Kumar S</strong>
Shiva Kumar SManagement Accountant
Shiva Kumar is responsible for maintaining accurate, detailed and realtime data in the ERP to enable management decision and also to make periodic and aperiodic reports with insights to take decisions.

He joined Cocoguru in May 2013. He was a new comer to this kind of a setup that required complete accounting and ERP system to be developed from scratch and also requiring accurate, detailed and real time information. So he worked at the lowest level of entering raw data in each of the areas. As a slow but thorough learner, making mistakes and learning from them. He manages finances and has the tough job of allocating limited finances across various creditors. He is an excellent team man and people of any department like to deal with him as their work gets done with him.

Prior to Cocoguru, he worked for 10 years in Banking, FMCG Distribution and IT Hardware Distribution sectors in Accounting and Sales function.
He is fun and friendly to be with, but since marriage this year, he has changed massively. He (used to) loves traveling, trekking and hanging out with friends.
Mobile – 9591462200

<strong>Maheshwara Shastry</strong>
Maheshwara ShastryFinancial Accountant
Maheshwara works on Accounting areas like Payroll, Auditing, Taxation and Statutory Compliance.

Hardest part about running an industry in India is to get the statutory compliance done. There are a handful of government departments to satisfy, forms to fill, licenses to be renewed, details to be submitted and “some other things” as well. One would rather deal with customers and suppliers than these Government officials, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Bankers.

He and Shiva Kumar were classmates at Vivekananda Degree College. They could do away with not having studied Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement till they joined Cocoguru.

He had worked for 10 years in accounting and share broking at Shankar Group, Muliya Jewels and JRG Securities all at Puttur. He resides at Punacha.
Mobile – 9591462200

<strong>Yogish Rai B</strong>
Yogish Rai BSales Officer
Yogish is Sales Officer responsible for sales and managing distributors.

He joined Cocoguru in August 2013. With no prior experience in sales function before, he worked for 3 months in line sales to gain experience. He was then assigned responsibility to setup and manage a branch at Mangaluru. He did it successfully, grew sales at Mangaluru 3 times in 1.5 years. Company closed down its branch and line sales operations instead appointd distributors. He made that transition happen in Mangaluru. He also worked with distributors in Kodagu, Moodabidre, Udupi and Kundapura.

He goes about his job sincerely with full loyalty towards the company. He has shown great flexibility and adaptability to find feet in sales function in FMCG industry.

He did his BA from Vivekananda degree college, Puttur. Then worked for 8 years in Hotel Management at Pune. Having the tough experience of stay long away from home, he has now returned to his native.

Mobile – 9591533900

<strong>Narayana Bhat</strong>
Narayana BhatLogistics Officer
Narayana Bhat, manages the logistics function and copra section. In logistics he is responsible for loading, unloading, dispatch, receipt and transportation. In copra section, he is responsible for copra stock, segregation and drying.

He looks to minimize the transportation costs while maximizing business transactions maintaining the desired service of delivery. He also facilitates super stockist in finding transporters and negotiating terms with them.

He joined our team in January 2014. He had to manage line sales with 5 vehicles for some time. Since then the company changed its distribution policy. This led to company selling all its vehicles. He worked hard to affect the change. His job is among the most difficult jobs with lots of uncertainty, ifs and buts, involves working with the rudest of professionals(?) i.e. transporters, drivers and loaders.

Priorly he had 25+ years of experience in managing operations at Tea Estates of Tamil Nadu and Chikmagalur. As a senior team member, he takes mature decisions and guides other junior members.

Mobile – 96119 36500