Pure – Delivering Pure coconut oil may sound easy, but majority of brands available in market are adulterated. They adulterate to be price competitive, most brands yield to the pressure of supplying at low price to stay relevant. Then purity is compromised. Food safety is not controlled strictly in India and adulteration is not curbed. So, delivering pure coconut oil is extremely difficult, we are doing it and it is a BIG deal.

Roasted – Copra is roasted before oil extraction. It brings out the great taste and aroma of coconut that is addictive to consumers.

Long life – Cocoguru coconut oil when packed in HDPE containers have life over 12 months. The following factors contribute to long life

  • High quality milling copra with FFA < 0.5% is used as raw material.
  • Copra is dried to remove all moisture before crushing. Presence of moisture causes rancidity in oil
  • Copra when roasted removes any remaining moisture, heating sterilises the copra
  • Coconut Oil is packed air tight using good quality packing material to retain oil’s quality

Packing – Cocoguru is available in wide variety of packing to enable the versatile oil to be used conveniently for any use. Best quality packing material is used to provide the necessary protection and ease of carrying. Secondary packing that is good enough to carry the goods across the full length of trade channels is used.

Competitively Priced – Our price may be higher than all unbranded/adulterated products, but is competitive compared to brands that are marketed nation-wide. Despite pressures to increase price and margins by trade channel members, the MRP and supply prices are held tight.

Consistent Supply – Our motivated distribution channel partners aided by our field sales force ensure the product is available in all shops always.

Widely available – Cocoguru is marketed on a wider geographical area and there are good chances of finding it wherever you go and recommending it to your friends and relatives to buy from their nearest shops.

Branded – Cocoguru is a brand and is responsible for all the actions in the value chain to satisfy the consumer. Consumers have goodwill towards the brand and it is our duty to repose faith bestowed on us by delivering on promises and high expectations. Decisions are to be taken not based on short term profits but to build long term relationships.

Professional – Cocoguru is not a one man army, it is managed by a team of professionals who are focused and experts in their areas. They are accountable to deliver in their areas to ultimately serve the customer better. Professional management though expensive gives depth, scalability and continuity to business.

Socially Responsible – We give good value to coconut produce of local farmers. We employ local people and give them a good career opportunity. Our industry does not pollute the environment or draw major resources from it. We pay our taxes fully to the government tough it is not a normal practice in this industry.

Growing – We don’t rest on our laurels, we try new things, make mistakes, make corrections and grow. We have the hunger for developing new business, maintain/improve existing relationships. We try to understand latest consumer preferences and improve our products, process, systems and services.