• Grow sales for the company in their territory


  • Company, its products, people, history, vision, process
  • Competitors, their strengths and weakness
  • Territory, consumer behaviour, language, patterns, geography
  • Business, Marketing, Branding, Sales concepts
  • Inventory, Indirect Taxes, Payments


  • Sales Van operations, stock, supply, people
  • Appoint and manage Distributors
  • Retailers data collection and organization
  • Terms of trade with distributors and retailers
  • Branding activities like Advertising, Merchandising, corporate gifts
  • Sales Force Automation tools on mobile and portal
  • General Trade, Modern Trade and Institutions
  • Primary and Secondary Sales


  • Keenly listen to retailer's objections, respond to them in an objective manner
  • Convince them why our products are suitable to them
  • Develop relationships with retailers
  • Act, follow up on promises given
  • Identify and pursue opportunities despite threats


  • Sell only if you believe in the product and not because you are paid to sell
  • Create business opportunities not just collecting orders
  • Grow the business not just oversee sales operations
  • Reduce cost of selling and supplying
  • Promote the products in such a way that it build's company's brand
  • Selling to retailers is only the means and satisfying consumers is the end
  • Work in line with company's vision of selling quality products and not depend on lower pricing


  • 3 years + experience in FMCG selling
  • Familiar with the territory, shops, owners, local language
  • Graduation Degree
  • Have a 2 wheeler for travelling

Working Conditions

  • Work timings – 9 am to 6 pm, 8 hours on field
  • Working days – Monday to Saturday, Holiday – Sunday
  • Report to Sales Manager
  • Travelling expenses reimbursed at 3 Rs per km of bike travel
  • Halting expenses reimbursed at actuals
Sales Officers