Frequently asked enquiries are answered here

What are the varieties of coconut oil available with you?
We have Roasted, Cold Press and Virgin coconut oils with us.

What is the manufacturing process?
Roasted and Cold Press coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut/copra. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut. For cold press, copra is not roasted, but for roasted copra pieces are roasted before oil extraction. Process details are explained here

What are the oil specifications, can you share the certificate of analysis?
Roasted and Cold Press coconut oils are filtered coconut oils. Detailed specification can be found here
Certificate of analysis done at an NABL accredited laboratory is attached here

What is the difference between Roasted and Cold Press coconut oils?
Both are pure coconut oils and very similar yet they are different in the process of oil extraction. In roasted copra pieces are heated before oil extraction, in cold press it is not heated. More details can be found here

What are the packaging options available?
We have many options like Pouch, PET Bottles, HDPE Bottles and Jerry Can. Please check this page

Where is it available?
Cocoguru coconut oil is available all over Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kodagu, Kasaragod and a few shops in Uttara Kannada and Bengaluru.
However, consumers can get the products delivered all over India through this website shopping page, Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM Mall and Snapdeal.
For bulk orders (above 50 kg), customers can enquire directly to company and get oil delivered through VRL Logistics all over India at their nearest VRL godown.

How can we contact you?
Phone – 8861132886
Email – [email protected]
Visit – google maps location
Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Can you give your coconut oil in our brand?
Yes, we can pack in your brand it is called co-packing. For details of co-packing, please see here

Can we take up distribution of Cocoguru in our area?
Cocoguru is being distributed in coastal Karnataka region. You can take up distribution anywhere. You will get exclusive distribution rights when your performance matches our expectations. For details of distribution, check here

I am looking for a job at Cocoguru, do you have any vacancies?
Whenever we have openings, we immediately publish and close the position. You can still apply for a job of your choice and if you apply well, we may call you for further discussion. Please apply here

How can we make payment towards purchase of oil?
If you are shopping online on our shopping page, you can pay from your debit card/credit card at the time of checkout. However, if you are purchasing in bulk, you can make payment directly to our bank account