Ingredient – Pure Coconut Oil
No added perfumes, preservatives, anti-oxidants, anti-foaming agents, other edible oils, argemone oil, mineral oils etc

Grade IA Raw as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for Coconut Oil (IS:542-1968, Page no. 2)

BIS Standard for Coconut Oil

Grade I as per AGMARK vegetable oil grading and marking rules for coconut oil (Page no. 11)

Process Specifications

Process ParameterOur ProcessAlternative
Raw MaterialWhite Copra i.e. Dried CoconutFresh Coconut is used in Virgin Coconut Oil
Extraction TypeExpeller Pressed mechanicallySolvent Extraction
Copra Roasting/Cold PressCopra is RoastedCopra expelled without roasting is cold press
FilteringOnline through Filter PressSmall millers filter through sedimentation
RefiningUnrefinedRBD – Refined, Bleached and Deodorized

Physical Specifications

Physical ParameterOur Values
Specific Gravity0.915
Refractive Index1.445
ColourTransparent Light Golden Yellow
OdourPleasant roasted coconut

Chemical Specifications

Chemical ParameterOur ValuesComments/Remarks
Free Fatty Acid (FFA)0.25%Higher values indicates rancidity. It goes lower than 0.1% upon refining.
Iodine Value (IV)8.40%Value goes higher than 9 for coconut oil adulterated with chips(paring) oil or Palm Kernel oil
Moisture0.10%Higher values are obtained for unfiltered oils. Sedimentation gives 0.1% moisture

These results are observed upon testing samples at our in-house laboratory using test procedure as per BIS.

Certificate of Analysis obtained by testing our sample in an external NABL accredited laboratory.

Test Report Analysis

Oil TypeTest Reports
Roasted Coconut Oil Download
Cold Press Coconut Oil Download
Virgin Coconut Oil Download