“to spread the benefits of coconut to people”

Coconut and Coconut Tree
Coconut is God’s gift to mankind. Every part of the coconut and coconut tree is valuable. That is why Coconut is called “The Fruit of Life” and Coconut Tree is called the “The Tree of Life“. In Sanskrit ‘Kalpavriksha‘ means wish-fulfilling divine tree said to fulfill all desires. In the Coconut growing part of India, the Coconut tree is rightly called Kalpavriksha.
Kalasha is considered a symbol of abundance, wisdom, immortality, and “Source of Life” in Vedas. The Head of Kalasha is the Coconut kept facing the sky.
In the olden days, when sailors reach a shore, coconut is the first fresh eatable they get and it is said to satisfy them fully.

Benefits of Coconuts
All parts of Coconut is useful, Coconut Husk fibre can be used to make Coir, Shell has high calorific value and used to make activated carton, Coconut flesh is used in cooking, coconut water when tender is a fine sports drink, when ripe is used to make Vinegar.
Similarly from a Coconut Tree, Coconut wood due to its straightness and hardness is used to make strong furniture. Coconut Leaf when dried can be used to make brooms, leaf burns quickly, and used in firing when green is used to make attractive designs.
One can make a complete shelter out of a coconut tree (wood and leaf) and have a complete food out of coconut.

Cocoguru aims to spread/deliver the benefits to people by making valuable products out of them with minimal processing. We like to cover the complete chain from Farmer to Consumer.

All kinds of people stand to benefit from Coconuts
Consumers – Coconuts have immense nutritional and medicinal benefits. Cocoguru makes products with minimal processing in a form that will be convenient to keep and use by the consumers, so that they derive maximum benefits that are naturally available in Coconuts.
Farmers – Farmers can get maximum returns on their investment and efforts taken to grow a coconut tree when all their produce is valued and properly remunerated.
Society – Society gains through the healthy living of its people, economic development, and maintaining ecological balance. We deliver healthy products, generate local employment, and follow environment-friendly practices to create a win-win situation for everyone.

To fulfill our vision we develop expertise in coconuts, follow best practices, and invest in building a sustainable business out of marketing products based on coconuts.

Name Cocoguru® is a short form of Coconut Guru that reflects our vision to master coconut products‚ value chain.

Coconut Trees