We take your applications very seriously, similarly, we expect you to apply to us seriously. That means, you are expected to carry out some research about

  • Cocoguru as a company/employer
  • The position you want to apply for
  • How your experience and skills match the desired position
  • What are your long term career goals and how a career at Cocoguru leads you towards them

If you are applying because,

  • You just want higher salary. There are companies out there who pay better than us. We stop processing your application immediately, if your first question to us is about your salary.
  • You are a fresher and haven’t found a job for long time. You will have to change your approach towards your job hunt. We are not a training institute, and we expect performance sooner than later.
  • You have been terminated by your previous employer due to various reasons. We are also likely to not select you. Still, if we haven’t found out during selection, we may terminate you later for same reasons.

If you are a genuine candidate, who can perform your role well, please do apply by emailing your resume to [email protected]

Before you come here for a discussion/interview, it is highly appreciated if you understand the company thoroughly by going through the complete website, facebook page and enquire in your local area at shops about the product/brand. All your basic questions about the company like product, location, benefits etc will be answered there. We appreciate people who open up and tell us exactly what they feel than giving the “right” answers to get a job. Chances of getting selected are very high when you have come with a thorough preparation. Consistency, hard work, sincerity matters more to us than gift of talent and flashes of brilliance.

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