Murali M

Murali M

Operations Head

Role - Head of all operations like Purchase, Oil Extraction, Packing, Administration, Van Sales and eCommerce
Date of Joining - 10th October 2012

Shivakumara S

Shiva Kumar S

Financial Manager

Role - Accounts, Finance, Statutory compliance, Payroll, Audit, Stores, Banking
Date of Joining - 9th May 2013

Yogish Rai

Yogish Rai B

Sales Coordinator

Role - Van Sales Operations, Logistics
Date of Joining - 1st July 2013

Maheshwara Shastry

Maheshwara Shastry

eCommerce Specialist

Role - Operations and Marketing on e-Commerce portals
Date of Joining - 2nd September 2013

Amith Kumar

Amith Kumar J

Senior Sales Officer, Mangaluru

Role - Business Development and Sales operations
Date of Joining - 2nd April 2018

Praveen Rai Packing Supervisor

Praveen Rai M S

Packing Supervisor

Role - Packing operations, Store keeping of packing materials and finished goods
Date of Joining - 1st April 2012

Shreekrishna M

Shreekrishna M

Public Relations Officer

Role - Handling Public Enquiries, Campus maintenance
Date of Joining - 7th August 2020

Karthik Rai

Karthik Rai K

Financial Accounts Executive

Role - Accounting, Taxation, Statutory compliance, and Internal Auditing
Date of Joining - 17th August 2020

Krishna Raja Joisa

Krishnaraja Joisa B

Accounts Executive

Role - Accounting, Book keeping, handling cash, banking transactions and inventory reconciliation
Date of Joining - 1st March 2021

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Sales Officer Surathkal

Role - Sales at Surathkal
Date of Joining - 1st September 2021

Naresh Kumar Rai Sales Manager

Naresh Kumar Rai

Sales Manager

Role - Sales Operations, Business Development
Date of Joining - 19th September 2022