Coconut Oil Resources

The Coconut Oil Miracle - Book very informative book with health benefits explained with fundamentals of chemistry and biology. It has interesting conspiracy theories of how American edible oil manufacturers conspired to promote Soyabean oil at the expense of coconut oil. Explains what is the right kind of coconut oil for you. Overall it is an absolute eye opener.
Coconut Development Board of India Development Board under the Ministry of Agriculture in India publishes many resources for the benefit of coconut sector in India.
Monthly Indian Coconut Journal is published in many Indian languages. They also publish books, journals, articles, research pages. They even conduct workshops, seminars and trainings.
Wikipedia as expected provides good information from basics to beginners with links to explore further in a no non-sense way.
CoconutOil.com website with many information on Coconut Oil and its health benefits.
OrganicFacts.net website that covers coconut oil extensively.
SaveCoconutOil.com forum started in Kerala to save pure coconut oil and its manufacturers from assault by adulteration. The site gives information on test of purity of oil and list of adultered brands that are banned in Kerala.
Dr. Mercola Joseph Mercola is a renowned nutritionist in America. He runs a popular natural health website with a good coverage on coconut oil.
Dr. B. M. Hegde B. M. Hegde is considered as people's doctor and speaks/writes extensively on coconut oil. He considers coconut oil nutritionally as next only to mother's milk.
Rujutha Diwekar Indian Nutritionist and author Ms. Rujutha Diwekar bats for Coconut oil and other natural oils for diet.
Natural Healers guide comprehensive guide on coconut oil from American perspective with good info graphics for easy understanding.