Coconut Oil being highly versatile, it finds different uses among various types of consumers. To address different usage, Cocoguru has a wide varieties of products/packages. Each product is a combination of different oil types, packaging materials and pack sizes.

Oil Varieties
Virgin – Fresh coconut is used to making Virgin coconut oil. It has crystal clear appearance and long shelf life. Is considered the best form of coconut oil.
Roasted – Copra pieces are roasted before oil extraction. Has enhanced taste and aroma of copra. Has longer shelf life.
Cold Press – Copra pieces are not roasted. It has natural taste and flavour of copra. Traditionally coconut oil was made this way.

Packaging Material
Different packaging materials offers different packing costs, storage and dispensing options.

Flexible Packing film with high barrier properties is used to pack coconut oil. Proper sealing is done with Automatic Packing Machines to ensure that oil doesn’t leak and lasts longer. This is the least expensive form of packing as the quantity of packing material used is lowest. Cooking Oil consumers are recommended to use Coconut Oil with this form of packing.

Jerry Can
Jerry Cans are of white color but opaque. They come with an easy to carry handle to carry higher weight of oil. They are bought by families for cooking use. They are pretty strong and the container can be used for several years.

HDPE Bottles

HDPE Bottles are of blue color and opaque. Bottle neck is covered with a flip top cap for easy dispensing of small quantity of oil. This form of packaging is ideally suited for Hair Oil consumers. This is also the most expensive form of packaging. Higher weight of packing material is used corresponding to the quantity of oil packed.

PET Bottles
PET Bottles are transparent and Oil packed inside is visible. The bottleneck is sealed with a Wad to ensure the oil is free from air contact, the bottle is leak-proof and tamper proof and oil is fresh when opened. Bottle is closed with a flip top cap at the top for convenient dispensing of oil. This packing is more expensive than pouch.

Bulk Packing
For bulk use like Industrial, Re-packing, cooking use bulk containers like Tin, Cans and Barrels are used. Tins hold 15 kg of oil. Cans hold 30 kg and barrels hold 190 kgs.

Pack Sizes
Going for higher pack sizes reduces the per unit packing cost. But lower pack sizes necessitates buying fresh packs frequently for smaller usages. Cocoguru offers different ranges for different uses.
Bulk – 15 kg Tin, 30 kg Can and 190 kg barrel
High. – 5 kg cans
Medium – 1 Litre, 500 ml, 250 ml
Low – 100 ml, 50 ml and 25 ml

High Grade Coconut Oil Pouches