Cocoguru has the necessary infrastructure to mechanically manufacture, pack and market roasted coconut oil with a capacity of crush 15 tons of copra per day in 24 hours.

Land – 78 cents area near Karpadi Subramanya Temple

Building – Main building with floor area of 6,600 sq. ft. And total area of 9,000 sq.ft

Office – 3 office rooms with total seating facility with computer, chair and tables for 15 people

Restrooms – Canteen to cook and dine for 15 people at a time. 3 toilets, 3 gents urinals, 1 bathroom, separate ladies and gents change rooms

Plant and Machinery
Copra Section
* Copra stock and segregation work area
* 1000 sq.ft. area capable of storing 45 tons of copra
* Copra Hopper – 3 Nos, each capable of storing 10 tons of copra for drying
* Copra Dryer – Hot air upto 80 degrees can be generated using air heater. It can dry 9 tons of copra in 12 hours from market conditions to desired level
* Copra Cutter – Cut copra into pieces of less than 12 mm size at the speed of 1 ton per hour
* Steam Boiler – IBR approved horizontal type, solid waste fired steam boiler of 300 kg/hour steam generation capacity. The generated steam is used for copra roasting in cooker.
* Screw Conveyors and Bucket Elevators to move solid raw materials, work in progress and finished goods

Oil Extraction Section
* Capable of roasting and crushing 750 kg of copra per hour
* Using 4 stage cooker on top of 1st expeller and 2 expellers for first and second crushing

Filtering Section
Capable of filtering 500 kg of crude oil per hour. Filtering is done in 3 stages – Coarse filtering, Main filtering and Fine filtering.
* Vibrating Screen for course filtering
* Filter Press for main filtering
* Heat Exchanger for cooling hot oil
* Filter Press for Fine filtering cooled oil
* Intermediate Tanks to temporary keep unfiltered oils for filtering process and pumps to move oil
* Storage Tank with capacity to store 40 tons of coconut oil

Packing Section
* Pouch Packing Machines i.e. Automatic Form Fill and Seal machines. 3 machines, 1 each for 1 Litre, 500 ml and 100 ml pouch packing
* 1 Double head, small bottle filling machine
* 1 single head big bottle filling machine
* 1 single head bulk tin and can filling machine
* 1 Strapping machine
* 30 Pallets of size 1200 mm x 1000 mm for staking and moving finished goods from packing area to dispatch door
* 1 Hand operated pallet truck
* 1 Compressor, 1 cooler

Power Back Up
125 KVA Acoustically Enclosed Diesel Generator to back up State Electricity Board Power of Maximum Demand 140 KVA from High Tension line.
Office is equipped with 5 KVA Inverter and Battery for running only office setup.

175 odd trees of various local varieties of age about 4 years, well maintained.
Fruit bearing types like Mango, Jackfruit, Star Apple, Sapota, Guava, Kokum, Rambutan, Raamphala, Breadfruit, Butterfruit, Lemon, Banana, Papaya, Milkfruit, Jamoon, Singapore Cherry, Coconut etc
Flowering trees like Champaka, Cannonball, Tree Jasmine, Queen’s flower, Ashoka, False Ashoka, Mayflower, Flame of the forest etc
Forest Trees like Sacred Fig, Common Fig, Teakwood, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Red Sandal, Mahogany, Cinnamon, Badam, Simarubha, Shami, Shivane, Neem etc

Factory Panoramic View