Pushkara Farms
  • Farm land with a large fresh water pond and 400 trees with space to build a recreational home
  • Total – 1.30 acre, 1.12 acre in records, approximately equal to size of one football field
LocationAddress – Survey No – 78/5, Nekkare, Kuriya Village, Puttur, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka – 574210
  • Latitude – 12.725602391553899
  • Longitude – 75.22931888203425
  • Locate on Google Maps
  • 1 km from Kallarpe bus stop on Puttur Sullia Highway
  • 2 kms from Sampya bus stop/police station
  • 4 kms from Bypass Junction at Mukrumpady
  • 6 kms from Puttur bus stand
  • 55 kms from Mangaluru on Mangaluru-Mysuru highway
  • 3 roads from Kallarpe bus stop to plot’s boundary
  • 15 feet wide public concrete road till plot’s main gate
  • 20 feet wide mud road through a residential layout to plot’s back gate
Water Source – Pond
  • Abundant clean water available throughout the year
  • Area – 140 feet x 85 feet or 25 cents
  • Water Depth – 15 feet during rainy season, 8 feet during peak summer
  • Dam Gate to store water to additional 4 feet height available
  • 50 lakhs litre water holding capacity
  • 3 HP pump and 1 HP submersible pump connected to free 3 phase power supply
  • PVC water pipeline connected across the plot for irrigation
  • 15 sprinkler points for irrigation
  • 2,000 litres tank for overhead water storage

Internal Road

Mud Road of 400 feet length and 15 feet width from front gate to back gate. This enables connection by any vehicle across the length of plot


Entire boundary of the plot fenced with barbed wires covering a perimeter of 500 metres covering an area of 1.3 acres. Fence also covers the pond to prevent accidental fall of people.


Front Gate and Back Gate each of 13 feet width x 5 feet height to allow people and vehicles

Water Drainage
  • Water from outside flows through the stream smoothly across the breadth of the plot
  • Rainwater from higher areas of the plot flows through 200 feet underground concrete pipe without wasting any land surface
  • Tiny streams are dug across the plantation areas to allow smooth flow of water
  • Streams on either side of the road for rain water drainage without affecting the road
  • 10 feet length x 10 feet breadth room x 10 feet height room constructed with steel sheet. They can be used to keep agricultural equipment, tools, consumables and spares safely
  • 300 square feet outdoor area but under steel roof can be used as work area
  • 2,000 litres overhead water tank above this shed at highest point on the plot to enable flow of water through gravity to all parts of the land
  • Sitting area and tap for washing purpose available in the shed
Housing area
  • 2 areas are left uncultivated to enable construction of houses
  • One east facing house can be built with water flowing from south to north in front of the house, back side of the house has sliding land as per perfect vaastu conditions
Pond Drainage
  • Level of water in pond can be controlled with a 4 feet height checkdam
  • Level of water in the stream following the pond can be controlled with another checkdam
  • Stream can be used as children play area for enjoying swimming on fresh water
  • Stone steps are laid to step into the stream


The purpose of this land is not commercial hence trees giving cash crops like arecanuts are not planted. Instead a variety of local trees giving fruits and flowers for own/family/relatives are planted. Many forest trees are also planted for pleasure, shade and fresh air. They are planted close to each other so that a forest type of environment is created and limited land is fully utilised

Forest Trees

Total 125 trees of many local varieties of forest trees just inside the main gate. They are planted just 4 feet apart. Varieties of trees include Sri Gandha, Hebbalasu, Raktha Chandana, Mahagony, Hebbevu, Bevu, Khiralbhogi, Kalmara, Beeti, Benga, Banpu, Kaadu Badami, Simarubha, Bamboo etc

Flowering Trees

Around 50 flower bearing trees that grows well locally are planted 8 feet apart. They can be seen just inside the main gate. The flowering tree varieties are Sampige, Naaga Sampige, Ashoka, Renje, Basavana Paada, May flower, Aakasha Mallige, Parijatha, Golden Shower Tree etc

Fruits Trees

100 hybrid fruit bearing trees are planted 8 feet apart. They are after the forest and flowering trees section. Fruits include Mango, Guava, deegujje, Kokum, Nerale, Jammu Nerale, Nakshatra Nerale, Rambutan, Gooseberry, Anjura, Durian, Milk fruit, Butter fruit, Eggfruit, Custard Apple, Seethaphala, Laxman Phala, Mulberry and Sappota.

Sacred Trees

Couple of Atti, Goli, Ashwatha, Paalasha, Sri Gandha and Neem trees are also planted as they are sacred trees since ancient times.

Jackfruit Trees

About 20 varieties of Jackfruit trees are planted just above the pond 10 feet apart. 2 old trees are already yielding well.

Mango Trees

6 old and large mango trees already existing in the land have been cleaned and maintained. They give wild mangoes of very good taste


A section has about 100 banana plants of different varieties.


There are 17 tall well grown trees yielding 150 nuts per year. 8 new hybrid plants have been planted next to the pond.

  • Offer price for sale is at 1 lakh per cents, works to 1.12 crores for 1.12 acres in total
  • 1.5 lakhs per cents is the going rate for residential land in adjacent layout
  • 2 lakhs per cents is the going rate for residential land around main road
Owner Facebook page – pushkarafarms