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Adigemane - Keerthana

Where is the upcoming restaurant going to be and when will it start?
We had announced our intention to start a restaurant long time back. So, the first question most people asked was, where is the location going to be?. Short answer is it is going to be at Kallega, Nehru Nagar, Vivekananda college junction on Puttur – Mangaluru highway. We will start service on Sunday, 15th January 2023 on the auspicious day of Makara Sankranthi. We will run the restaurant where Hotel Keerthana is presently running.

Why this location?
Since we are at Puttur, it should be some where in Puttur town. We don’t like crowded places though there will be many walk-in customers at such places. Reaching the place and parking should not be a challenge. So, we were looking at By-pass road and highways around Puttur town. There were a few options suiting our requirement. Most restaurants just drain the sewage to rainwater drainage streams directly. We are very conscious about treating the sewage well before passing it. This place has a sewage treatment plant. So, we decided on this place.

Why a running restaurant?

  • Running restaurant will have regular existing customers and business. So, business need not start from 0.
  • We tried to sell the land at Kallarpe, but couldn’t. So, we don’t have much funds to buy land, build a building or even to setup the restaurant from scratch from a rented space.
  • It is very risky to start a new business and there will be many trial and errors while establishing one. A running restaurant would have already passed that phase.
  • It already has all the necessary setup to run a restaurant. Only a few repairs, cleaning and enhancements are required.

Overall, the finance requirement and time required to start the service is minimised. We have another short 2 months time before we have to start. We have out tasks cut out.


  1. Good, quality of food is very important. I have seen several hotels the starting is good but ……

  2. Bring the main cook from tamilnadu even if it is little more expensive,nobody can match Tamil cooks,any how you have connections in tamilnadu

  3. Excellent quality pure vegetarian restaurant Already visited 4 times in 10 days…

  4. late service 🥴

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